Installation in progress ...
 Here they are at work. You may want to meet them at  some of the trade shows or on the building sites or even talk to someone they have worked for in the past.
Cut River Rock only has two qualified stone mason installers.  All of the pictures on this website were installed by these two stone masons except for three small fireplaces.
 To give you an idea of how long we have been in the masonry business.  It has been off and on in the masonry business for  over 50 years.  Roughly 35 years ago a full fireplace through an log lodge to the top with full stone, it took most of the summer. Now we can do it in a fraction of the time and saving you a considerable amount of money and the end result is more artistic and beautiful.   About 25 years ago we built machinery to cut the face off of stone, river rock & quarry stone.  The luxury of stonework that you see on this website has become a reality to all these prestigious homes.

Like so many things in construction there are many tradesmen with different degrees of abilities. We are not general practitioners in the stone masonry business.  We do not lay bricks or concrete blocks etc.  The only thing we do is install Cut River Rock & Quarry Stone  real stone veneer, so obviously we do not have time to get into the assembly line technique of  bricklaying and concrete blocks.

You may ask why is this so important? 
  Simply that real stone veneer is different from other types of man made veneers.  One thing that we discovered unintentionally after cutting the stone with the right type of mortar the stone actually sticks with a suction cup type grip and yes it even allows us to lay the stone on the ceiling. 

These two stone masons have perfected the art of installing Cut River Rock and Cut Quarry Stone Veneer.  Perfecting the art of installing this stone takes a considerable amount of patience and over the period of time like any consistent work we have become very good at it.

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